Where to find Happiness?

Do you go through life thinking that every day is the same? Like some endlessly repeating pattern? For some, there is nothing new under the sun to do and nowhere to go. Everything is monotonous, monotonous, monotonous. They work so hard to earn enough money to play, but their free time is so limited. Suffer for five days, then relax for two. To break the monotony, they may seek thrills through intoxicants (alcohol, smoking), sex, or even drugs. For these fleeting pleasures, it feels exciting while it lasts, but once it does, the same pattern of meaninglessness sets in, and they’re left wondering, “When can I get the next high?”

Maybe you’ve seen this before… Two elderly men are seated on a bus. “Hey…,” one old man says to the other as the bus passes through the red-light district. “Are you going to the chickens (prostitutes) today?” The other man raises his brow… “Yes, yes, I will be going this afternoon!” he said, a spark in his wrinkled eyes. “You didn’t even bring your medicine, how can you DO IT?” smirks the first old man. You can have our Nashik escorts for your happiness.

Some people’s lust is so intense that they borrow money from family and friends just to go to brothels. This pattern can be seen in addicts. Drug addicts, sex addicts, and alcoholics.

Everyone requires that natural feeling of drive, anticipation, and excitement for life to have zest. When one does not know how to obtain it naturally, one may resort to vices in order to stimulate that sense of being fully alive, desperately attempting to bring some meaning into life. But, as you can see, happiness is within you… If you can’t satisfy your desires, the next best thing is to let them go. Let go of what you absolutely must have. “All desire leads to suffering,” said Shakyamuni Buddha. Suffering because you want something you don’t have. And let me ask you, is this yearning self-inflicted? Or is it something imposed by the outside world?

Many of our desires are erroneous. We believe that obtaining them will bring us happiness, but this is an illusion. These erroneous desires are nothing more than fleeting pleasures. You don’t have to satisfy your desires to be happy; you just have to let them go. Do you require the opposite sex’s attention? No, as you age, your body parts sag and the opposite sex becomes less interested in you. Is it necessary to find love in order to be happy? No, as you get older, your sex hormones and desire to mate diminish. Do you have to wait until you have a million dollars? Nope. Higher income does not guarantee greater happiness, according to historical and international research.

People who feel good every day without resorting to vices all share one mental trait. They have a dream and know what they want to accomplish in life. This sense of purpose motivates them and gives meaning to their lives. They’ve found their soul’s calling and are living their lives to the fullest by following it. This is in contrast to those who are “living life to the fullest” by drowning in deafening music and shaking until the sun rises… That is not living; it is dying.

If you want to find true meaning and happiness in your life, you must first discover your life’s purpose. Because each of us has a distinct destiny. A path designed specifically for you to walk on your life’s journey. If you follow it, you will arrive in paradise. Ignore it, and you will continue to wander, wasting time and life.

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