Situations That Make You Lie To Your Woman

In a perfect relationship, you and your spouse would be completely open and honest with one another. But in reality, you both definitely embellish the truth occasionally.

The fact is, lying in a relationship is common on some level. Consider trying to disguise the fact that you had a fling in bed or deducting $20 off the amount you claim to have paid for that new clothing. Sometimes lying may even be required to prevent hurting your partner’s feelings.

According to certified clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, PsyD, of Manhattan, lying happens frequently in romantic relationships. That does not exclude some of those whoppers from being harmful, though. It all depends on the lie you’re making and your motives.

Lie to woman

The truth is that maintaining a healthy relationship sometimes requires uttering a few lies.

Therefore, you will need to develop your ability to lie and do so convincingly if you want to keep her satisfied and keep getting laid. Finding out what she wants to hear is the tricky part.

  1. Never bring up your former sex life… particularly if it was an excellent one. You can make up a story if necessary if your girlfriend questions you about it or how great your ex was. Say that it wasn’t that great. Never bring her up. Even if what you’re saying isn’t flattering, it will still be detrimental. You bringing her up suggests that you are still thinking about her. You must also not lie to Local Nashik call girls and Nagpur call girls.
  2. If you chose her to be your partner, you must make her feel like a WOMAN when it comes to how she looks. Every woman possesses something lovely, seductive, and alluring, and if you let her know that you think this about her, she will become more self-assured, untamed, and passionate. But never, ever tell her your genuine opinion when she inquires about something you don’t truly like. Simply say it’s okay and move on from the situation. She will feel annoyed and become more reserved if you point out something you don’t like about her.
  3. Women are generally regarded as having greater sensibility than men. Consider her sensibility while making jokes about other people, especially her family, and don’t announce your intention to grab the cat and chuck it out the window without first asking her permission. You will lose points because she would think you are insensitive. Even if you must occasionally tell a small fib, use common judgement and try not to offend your woman.

Lies Can Make a Good Thing Bad…

There is a pretty wide spectrum when it comes to lying, but occasionally telling a white lie doesn’t make you a bad person. People lie in relationships to keep their spouse happy, prevent confrontation, protect their egos and their reputations, and simply to keep their partner from feeling harmed.

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